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Cheque Trancation System (CTS)

Cheque Truncation is the next logical step in payment after MICR, ECS, EFT, & RTGS. The banking sector is becoming more complex and transaction intensive. All banking and financial organizations certainly deal with forms such as payment vouchers, credit card application forms, account opening forms, etc. Capturing data manually from physical forms results in extensive time consumption and labor inefficiencies.

Cheques are commonly used for settlement of transaction worldwide. Today, most cheques proceed for payments in a single day. To resolve the time inefficiencies on cheques, ITSL LIMITEDprovides a powerful Banking Solution package that includes a Cheque image scanner to increase efficiency and reduce human error.

"Cheque Truncation System" is an image based cheque clearing system where the cheque is scanned at the moment of deposit and the electronic image is transferred through the various clearing cycles. The time taken to clear a cheque cycle will reduce significantly resulting in quicker credit clearance by cutting down on manual work and decreasing the chances of fraud.

CTS will allow you to capture the image and transfer it to a clearing house through a secured network. It is designed under the guidelines of the Reserve Bank of India.

PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) is implemented in the system to provide security.

Key features and benefits of CTS:

Document Storage of data and retrieval becomes effortless.
Instantaneous Transmission of cheque within the same day.
Minimize the risk with a secured clearing system.
Improves Cost effectiveness by minimizing physical involvement.
Facilitates short clearance cycles.
Streamlined image processing.
Automated inward signature verification process
Track & Store function in full detail.
Multifaceted ICR engine through IQA/ IUA capability

With ITSL’s Cheque Truncation System (CTS) more than 120 Document can be scanned within minutes.

Post Dated Cheque{PDC} Processor

Post Dated Cheque management is a serious problem for both Banks & NBFC’s (Non-Banking Financial Corporations). ITSL has developed a very powerful application which can be integrated with any existing LMS (Loan Management System) of the Bank or NBFC or a Client and can directly import relevant data in order to process and managing it further.

PDC management application has the capability to handle large volumes of data. It captures the loan as well as the cheque detail. Post dated cheque management enable fast turnaround time on foreclosure recovery by improving process efficiency by managing dishonored cheques and repeat entries.

The complete PDC solution has the following salient features:

1. Multiple clients handling: Can handle one or more clients at the same interface using separate database for different clients.
1. Clients wise process handling: Ability to streamline different flow of processes according to the clients.
1. Various methods of batch capturing: Various methods to capture cheque information like file upload, manual entry, image capturing along with facility to upload any format of data files in the system.
1. Machine Integration: Can be used to handle manual and machine integrated processes according to the requirement and bulk of the cheques. The current application is already integrated with cheque scanners from Olivetti, Panini, CTS, and Digital Check Scanner etc.
1. Vaulting Management: Includes vaulting management according to the sorting criteria and presentation cycles.
1. Dispatch Tracking: Provides enhanced dispatching management and their acknowledgement system along with the alert mechanism.
1. Return Processing: Attached modules for return processing and their re-presentation scheduling.
1. Various Cheque Cases: Ability to handle various cases like Fore Closure, hold cases legal litigation, swaps cases etc.
Modules of PDC Management Application

Batch Input Module
Checker Module
Sorters and Indexers
Vault Control Module
Pullout Module
Banking and Pre Scheduling Module
Scheduling Module
Dispatch Module
Return Module

Daily Cheque Processor

This solution deals with the Process of the Inward Cheques of banks in a city submitted to the Main Branch of the bank that are entered into the software and processed, and diverse Reports are generated.

The Inward Cheques include Normal Cheque, Invalid Cheque (Outstation/ Transfer/ Payee Mismatch), and Returned Cheque.

The Process Involves:

Masters like Bank Master, Location Master, Drop Boxes (Sub Branches of Bank), Transaction Code Master. High sped large volume scanner
Normal Cheque
Invalid Cheque
Returned Cheque
Scanned Cheque

The Report Involves:

Processed Cheque Report.
Summary Report.
MIS Summary Report.
Return Cheque Report.
Invalid Cheque Report

Document Managment Solution

Based on a time study, it was found that most employees spend their time looking for important information already available in the organization. To minimize the wastage of time as well physical efforts, document management system is used to track and store electronic document and scanned images.

ITSL provides a range of document scanning and Management solutions that manages all the documents and information. ITSL provides cost effective, robust, scalable and efficient document scanning, conversion and document capture solutions to cater to all kinds of data extraction requirements of the Banking Sector.

We are equipped with the latest technologies of scanner which are able to scan any document extremely cost efficiently. Our document scanning applications are compatible with all ISIS & TWAIN compliant scanners. It effortlessly scans 72 single sided documents and 30 double sided documents within a minute. Document Management can manage any kind of document which includes images, web page, HTML form, PDF file, MS file etc.

ITSL designed and developed this solution to improve the efficiency and quality by delivering the correct documents over the web with secured options and conserves perishable paper information.

Key features of our Document Management Solution include:

High speed image scanning and Data capturing services
Adobe PDF Conversion Services
Conversion from paper or E files to multiple formats
Create a paperless office
Easily import and extract metadata from document
Secure and accurate storage of documents which including electronics as well as physical document
Aggregation of documents from multiple sources to a secure and searchable centralized repository
Allow integration with existing application and business process
Flexible data indexing properties at multiple stages of the document life cycle
User friendly document search interface with advanced search options
Faster, reliable and easier retrieval of documents
Backup and restoring

Bill Collector

The Bill Collector Solution deals with the Process and Management of payments of Bills and Security Deposits in terms of Cash as well as Cheques. The System provides full functionality and tracking of every Bill Payment/Security Deposit collected from different Drop Boxes situated at different locations. It also provides streamlined functionality to Local/Outstation/Invalid and MICR/Non-MICR Cheques.

This System validates matched and unmatched Entries for the customers from the Customer Master. It provides a Multi Location functionality i.e. the entries can be made on different distributed ends and then compiles it to a central location, including the Entry of Returned Cheques and maintains the whole cycle of bill processing.

The Process Involves:
Uploading of Customers List
Masters containing Bank Master, Location Master, Drop Box Master, Process type, Reason Master, etc
Cheque Entry, Cash Entry, Returned Cheque Entry
Re- Entry of Cheque and Cash Entries
Backup and Upload of Entries from Remote Locations to the Central Location

Different Reports on Local/Outstation, Matched/Unmatched, Daily and Monthly basis contains:

Cheques Report, Cash Report, Returned Cheque Report
Cheque Banking File, Cash Billing File and Summary Reports.